As historic preservationists we love buildings, admiring their beauty and appreciating what they convey about the people who designed, constructed, and used them. The materials and craftsmanship of historic buildings give our stories a sense of place and make the past come alive. This section covers some of our “Place” projects, or projects that accentuate the tangible aspects of our heritage. History can be more than just facts and dates to memorize - place matters.

Documenting & Understanding Places

Cultural Resource and Landscape Surveys: Artifacts regularly conducts both small and state-wide cultural resource surveys, photographing and documenting historic sites, landscape elements, structures, buildings, and objects. We can integrate physical needs assessments into the survey and inventory process to inform funding needs for grants and maintenance work. Two of our state-wide surveys led to grant programs established by the State Legislature.

National & Local Register Nominations: Listing buildings to the National Register (NR) recognizes them as historically significant, qualifies them for financial incentives, and requires federal projects consider potential impacts to the properties. Artifacts has experience researching and documenting a wide range of property types, from rural barns and downtown commercial buildings to maritime-related piers and single-family residences. We have prepared district nominations at the national level of significance and prepared part 1 of federal investment tax credit applications in conjunction with NR nominations.

Historic Structures Reports: Artifacts continues to set the standard for high level technical detail presented in a user friendly package. We develop our field work, condition assessment, recommendations, and research materials to easily translate into interpretive and education exhibits, National Register nominations, and grant applications. We have worked on buildings ranging from small, residential buildings to National Historic Landmarks like the Panama Hotel in Seattle.

Special Valuation and Special Assessments: Artifacts’ knowledge of property tax incentive programs in Washington and Oregon enables us to guide clients through the application and design review processes. We have successfully worked on a range of property types and combined this incentive with Federal Investment Tax Credits.

Tax Credits: Artifacts has successfully guided a wide range of property types and adaptive uses through the tax credit process. Our extensive work experience with preservation commissions and state and National Park Service reviewers brings predictability and efficiency to complex projects. We have also worked through the appeal process on projects that need consideration of economic factors to qualify.

Design Review: Artifacts has significant experience with the design review process and the application of preservation standards. Our familiarity with the process is further enhanced by two of our staff serving on preservation commissions, another’s former role as state historic preservation officer, and a fourth’s former city historic preservation officer.

Cultural Resource Monitoring: Artifacts provides onsite construction monitoring for a range of project types to ensure historic spaces and features are not damaged during construction and quickly respond to unforeseen conditions to keep the project on schedule. We work closely with contractors, architects, engineers and state and federal agencies to resolve and document unexpected issues encountered during construction.

Capitol Conservator: During Artifacts’ 12 year tenure as conservator for the Washington State Capitol we provided conservation and planning guidance, creating a legacy of historic structures reports and detailed significance and character-defining features mapping for key campus buildings.

Conservation Assessment Program: Since 1997, Artifacts has provided planning and building assessment services to small museums and historical societies in communities throughout Washington through the National Institute for Conservation. Our work led to successful grant applications, facility improvements and expansion of curation services. Volunteer efforts sustain these community collections that are often of national significance.



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